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All his life Naci had a dream to have his own hole-in-the-wall place where he could cook and serve his amazing cookery. He had amazing passion and skills to turn simple recipes into savory delights. When Naci and Jale met and then married, this passion became theirs and both started to prepare for the day when they could showcase their joint desire of cooking in a place of their own. It so happened that both of Naci and Jale`s sons started going to ODU and moved to Norfolk. The couple visited many times and fell in love with this vibrant city and decided to invest here and purchased a free-standing building. Their dream was to come true!
..... then Naci fell ill and passed away...
Years went by and Jale met and fell in love again with a local business man in Norfolk, who has been instrumental in bringing her back to life. She is now running Naci`s Corner Cafe in her late husband`s memory and hopes to do their Mediterranean recipes justice. Please support this woman-owned local family business!
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Our Team

Naci`s Corner Café strives to hire and employ the most caring and qualified team members for its staff. Please contact us if you think that you might be a good fit for us.

Jale Evsen

Food Manager, Chef, PIC, woman extraordinaire..

John S. Wright

Partner, Grill Chef, gentleman extraordinaire..

Could be you!

Team Member, Jack or Jill of all trades.. contact us!